How Long Does It Take for Weed Killer to Work?

how long does it take for weed killer to work - roundup01/26/2024

If you want to know how long does it take for weed killer to work, you’ve come to the right place. As lawn care professionals for years in Cincinnati, we realize that weeds are often the bane of existence for gardeners and homeowners alike. Their presence can hinder the growth of other plants by competing […]

What Temperature is Too Cold to Fertilize Lawns?

what temperate is too cold to fertilize lawns - frost on grass01/10/2024

A common question we get from Cincinnati homeowners and gardening enthusiasts is, “What temperature is too cold to fertilize lawns?” It’s a fantastic question because understanding the relationship between temperature and lawn fertilization is essential for effective lawn care. In fact, timing the fertilization process with the temperature is just as important as the act […]

How to Use Fertilizer Spreaders (The Right Way!)

lawn care professional using fertilizer spreaders03/21/2023

No matter which fertilizer spreaders you consider buying, uniform coverage is the key to success. And that comes down to the quality of the spreader. Using cheap, plastic spreaders often produces poor spreading results. And that’s a waste of seed, fertilizer, time, and money. There’s also a good chance it will harm (or burn) your […]