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Outdoor lighting is one of the first things that we do to add curb appeal and elegance to our homes. 

And outdoor audio is growing in popularity too as homeowners love the many different moods it can add to our outdoor experiences; from digging in the garden to hosting an evening BBQ for friends and neighbors.

Your Cincinnati home’s landscape may look beautiful in the morning. But without outdoor lighting systems, the setting of the sun dulls its beauty. All the hard work, resources, and time you spent improving your landscape deserve to be shown off even when the sun goes down. 

That’s where a landscape lighting company like American Landscapes comes in. The proper landscape lighting fixtures can boost your home’s attractiveness and curb appeal even at night. It can also improve your home security and safety. 

Our Cincinnati landscape lighting service will help you highlight the features of your lawn, landscape, and garden to create a breathtaking view of your prized property.  

We are experts in the latest systems — like innovative and efficient LED technologies — and offer an extensive warranty on our outdoor lighting and audio projects. 

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Landscape Lighting

Your house is beautifully landscaped so why not show it off with accent lighting?

Proper lighting will increase your home’s curb appeal and its safety and security during night-time activities. 

New advancements in LED technology allow us to create breathtaking designs never before possible. 

We can highlight prominent features or plants in your landscape. Or perhaps its a gorgeous pool you want to highlight. We even offer  extensive warranties on all of our outdoor landscape lighting projects. 

So, let’s have a conversation. Don’t worry, we’re not pushy. But we’d love to shine some beautiful light onto your home. 

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Christmas Lighting

We provide easy, safe, and beautiful LED Christmas light installations for your home or business. Our custom-made strands and cords are made to fit your property exactly. 

With your input, we will design and install an attractive, made-to-order Christmas light display that meets your objectives — whether it’s to bring more traffic into your store or just to revel in the spirit of Christmas. 

We use only high-quality commercial  lights and offer next-day repairs at no charge.

Once the holiday season is over, we’ll take down and store the lights until next year. Spend your leisure time with family, not falling off ladders.  

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Outdoor Audio

Why should beautiful sound be confined to the inside of your home? Add an outdoor audio system that will enhance or provide any mood you desire.

Our premium outdoor audio products can be tailored to fit your outdoor environment, while being controlled from your smartphone or integrated into your existing home audio system.

We have a quality outdoor audio solution for you, whether it’s for your back yard, your outdoor patio, kitchen, garden, or even your pool.

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A big part of that is keeping our routes efficient even when we have a high demand for our services. That’s why we currently only serve the following communities on the East side of Cincinnati:

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