Lawn Diseases: Coming This Spring To A Yard Near You!

A beautiful lawn is a particular source of pride and joy for Cincinnati homeowners. That’s why lawn diseases are the bane of their existing, making it so hard to maintain their lush, great turfs. Getting ahead of the problem is the key and to do that you’ll need to more about your enemy.

This comprehensive guide will explore the most prevalent lawn diseases in Cincinnati, their symptoms, and how to prepare an effective lawn care treatment program for spring.

Table of Contents

Common Lawn Diseases in Cincinnati

Cincinnati’s climate, with its humid summers and cold winters, can be tough on lawns. Popular grass types like Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, and tall fescue are commonly affected by various diseases. Here are 6 common lawn diseases you need to understand and prepare for this Spring.

1. Brown Patch

Brown Patch is a serious fungal disease caused by the Rhizoctonia species. It’s most active in hot, humid weather and can rapidly damage large areas of the lawn.

2. Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot, caused by the fungus Sclerotinia homoeocarpa, creates small, silver dollar-sized spots on the lawn. It thrives in moist conditions with low nitrogen levels.

3. Red Thread

Red Thread, caused by the fungus Laetisaria fuciformis, is most common in cool, moist conditions. It affects fine fescues and perennial ryegrass.

4. Pythium Blight

Pythium Blight, also known as “grease spot” or “cottony blight,” is a fast-moving, highly destructive fungal disease, especially in hot, humid weather.

5. Summer Patch

Summer Patch affects the roots of grass, especially Kentucky Bluegrass and fine fescues. It’s a stress-related disease, exacerbated by poor soil conditions and high temperatures.

6. Leaf Spot and Melting-Out

Leaf Spot and Melting-Out are two stages of a common fungal disease. Initially appearing as leaf spots, the disease can progress to the melting-out stage, affecting the crown and root system.

Preventative Measures and Lawn Care Tips

Here’s what you can do to stay ahead of the lawn diseases that begin arriving each Spring here in Southwest Ohio.

1. Soil Health and Proper Mowing

2. Watering Techniques

3. Aeration and Overseeding

4. Hire a Professional

Preparing for Spring: Effective Lawn Care Treatment Program

1. Early Spring Lawn Care

2. Dealing with Diseases: Identification and Treatment

3. Ongoing Maintenance

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a healthy lawn in Cincinnati means being proactive and informed. By understanding the common diseases that affect local lawns and preparing an effective lawn care treatment program, you can ensure a vibrant, beautiful lawn. Remember, a little effort in lawn care goes a long way in preventing and managing these common lawn diseases.

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