Fertilizer & Weed Control

Fertilizer & Weed Control

Fertilizing & Weed Control Service

A Fertilizer & Weed Control Program Keeps Weeds Away

Our 6-application program establishes a thick, lush, and healthy lawn that prevents and controls unwanted weeds.

We use a custom formulated fertilizer that not only feeds your grass plants but feeds your soil. We add bio-nutrients that create deeper, stronger roots which leads to a more resilient turf with longer lasting color.

The six stages of our fertilizing and weed control program:

  • Round 1 – Early Spring Green Up with Pre-emergent
  • Round 2 – Late Spring Root Stimulation & Soil Enhancement
  • Round 3 – Early Summer Disease & Grub Control with Enhanced Grass/Plant Nutrition
  • Round 4 – Late Summer Specialty Stress Reduction with Amino Acids
  • Round 5 – Early Fall Nutrient Absorption 
  • Round 6 – Late Fall Strengthen & Grow Roots
applying fertilizer and weed control to Cincinnati yard

We provide a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate for all of your fertilizing and weed control projects. 

Check out our video below for details about our unique lawn fertilizer and weed control program. And don’t forget about our No-Hassle, No-Strings-Money-Back Guarantee!.

Our Unique Lawn Fertilizer Program


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Our Focus is on the East Side of Cincinnati...

We think a big part of our job is to keep our Cincinnati lawn care and landscaping services affordable. 

A big part of that is keeping our routes efficient even when we have a high demand for our services. That’s why we currently only serve the following communities on the East side of Cincinnati:

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