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Our Cincinnati Lawn Care Services are Top Shelf

Cincinnati is a gem of a city in Ohio, widely known across the State for its scenic spots, lush greeneries, and cultural scenes. 

Home to the Ohio River where thousands of tourists flock each year to get in touch with nature, the Cincinnati area is a must-visit paradise. If you own a home in Cincinnati, Oh, your lawn and landscape should be radiating the same beauty that the rest of the city offers. 

There’s nothing like having your personal slice of paradise in your Cincinnati home — and it all starts with your front yard and back yard. A well-maintained lawn can transform your property and increase its curb appeal, making it stand out among others in the neighborhood. 

But let’s face it. Keeping your garden well-maintained and beautiful can take up a crucial amount of your time. So why not leave it to the experts? 

American Landscapes is a Cincinnati lawn care service provider who has handled the tedious lawn maintenance efforts of many Cincinnati homeowners, helping them create beautiful lawns with thriving greeneries. 

If you want your lawn to look healthy and beautiful to compliment your home, reach out to us today about lawn care in Cincinnati. We will take care of all your lawn care needs.

Our Cincinnati Lawn Care Services include aeration, grub & weed control, lawn fertilizing and lawn over-seeding. We provide top lawn care services in Cincinnati area. 

We also provide services to control the insects in your lawn, such as mosquitos, ants, fleas, ticks, and grubs. And we do it using safe, non-toxic solutions so you can feel comfortable in your own yard.

We provide a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate for all of your lawn care projects.

Our Services

Lawn Care Services for a Healthy Lawn

Weeding - Cincinnati

Fertilizer & Weed Control

We specialize in fertilizing and soil nutrition which will build a strong root system for your lawn. A thick, lush lawn is the best way to prevent weeds.

application of aeration and overseeding

Lawn Aeration

Our core lawn aeration service also leaves nutrient plugs that dissolve to help give your soil more nutrients and foster plant growth.

Lawn seeding overseeding cincinnati

Lawn Seeding

Did you know that if you live in Cincinnati, you need to over-seed your lawn manually. This helps thicken your grass and fill bare or thin areas. 

mosquito control service - mosquitos in lawn

Mosquito Control & More

It’s hard to enjoy your lawn when insects like mosquitos, ants, fleas, ticks, and grubs invade it. Our non-toxic program will keep lawn pests safely under control.

lawn mowing service cincinnati

Mowing & Trimming

Our lawn mowing and trimming services will transform your lawn and home, boost your curb appeal, while increasing the market value of your Cincinnati property.

Our Service Area

Our Focus is on the East Side of Cincinnati...

We think a big part of our job is to keep our Cincinnati lawn care and landscaping services affordable. 

A big part of that is keeping our routes efficient even when we have a high demand for our services. That’s why we currently only serve the following communities on the East side of Cincinnati:

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