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Zero Hassle Money-Back Guarantee

Every cent of your money back — zero hassles, zero strings attached — if not 100 percent thrilled with results after 1 year on our treatment plan.

Treats Lawn by Hand

Allows lawn technician to focus on quality over speed and become familiar with your lawn's actual needs.

Locally Owned & Operated

Local companies are not under the influence of corporate pressures to drive profits and influence higher-priced lawn programs.

Customized for Clay-based Soil

The Cincinnati area's clay soil presents challenges for a healthy lawn. Although more expensive to deal with, our programs are tailored to actually work in these conditions.

Program Provides Soil Nutrition

Soil nutrition is a necessary component of a quality lawn care program. Our focus on soil health and micronutrients is the reason why the lawns we treat look so good.

Extended Crabgrass Protection

The best product prevents 80-85% of Crabgrass in our area. Early prevention with a second application is the ideal solution. Your company should not charge extra for controlling any Crabgrass that breaks through.

Complete Weed Control

Contolling the many different weeds in our area is a top priority for a quality program. Make sure your program controls the toughest weeds like Crabgrass and Ground Ivy without charging an extra fee.

Aeration & Over-seeding

Core aeration is great practice for Cincinnat's clay-based soils. Your lawn should be aerated annually. Over-seeding thickens areas where grass is thin while adding density to more established areas.

Invasive Grass Control

Invasive (weedy) grasses are tough to eliminate, spread quickly, and take over entire lawns. In our area, only a full-service company is able to successfully treat these invasions.

Slice-seeding & Sod Installation

While over-seeding is great for helping thin areas of your lawn, it can take years to fill in large, bare areas. Slice-seeding or installing sod are the two fastest solutions.

Full-Service Company

A full-service company ensures access to all of your lawn's needs, including unique issues like lawn renovations, moisture-manager treatments, and soil-enrichment applications. 

Meet Our Team

You’re going to love our team. We hire and train only the highest quality people who provide excellence in customer-focused service and support.

Our Service Area

Our Focus is on the East Side of Cincinnati...

We think a big part of our job is to keep our Cincinnati lawn care and landscaping services affordable. 

A big part of that is keeping our routes efficient even when we have a high demand for our services. That’s why we currently only serve the following communities on the East side of Cincinnati:


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