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Providing lawn care, landscaping, and outdoor lighting since 1997.

Landscaping & Lawn Care in Amelia

We Only Thrive When Your Amelia Lawn Thrives.

We’re your local lawn care and landscaping experts, proudly serving the Amelia Ohio area since 1997. With a reputation as one of the top landscaping companies in Cincinnati, we’ve got you covered for all your outdoor needs.

From regular lawn care to jaw-dropping landscape designs and even outdoor lighting installations, we’ve got the skills and expertise to maintain your property’s good looks and health. 

We’re always ready to spring into action for our Amelia neighbors, even on short notice. So, give us a call and let us work our magic on your outdoor space.

A Message for Our Ameila Neighbors

We love Amelia and its surrounding communities. As life-long Eastside Cincinnati residents, we wanted to bring a different kind of lawn care and landscaping experience to the area. Our purpose is to deliver the most thoughtful, reliable, and highest-quality lawn care, landscaping, insect control, and outdoor lighting solutions to the Amelia area. Whether it’s a fertilizer and weed control program, the safe installation of Christmas lights, or a Perimeter Pest Control program, we won’t be satisfied until you’ve had an experience that many in Amelia are raving about!

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