House Uplighting 101: Beautify Your Home with Lights!

Landscape lighting - house uplighting technique07/11/2023

House uplighting is more than just a way to illuminate the outside of your home. It’s a popular choice with homeowners because it significantly enhances aesthetic appeal, safety, and value. In this article, you’ll learn all about house uplighting and its many benefits. What is House Uplighting? House uplighting is a lighting technique where light […]

Everything You Need to Know About Landscape Lighting

outdoor landscape lighting for home11/30/2022

Landscape lighting is one of the first things that we do to add to curb appeal to the outside of our homes. Freshly cut grass, bright and blooming flowers, and well-placed decorative fixtures all contribute to making your property not only look good but most importantly, feel like home.  Let’s get started with out ultimate […]