How Outdoor Lighting Protects Your Home?

How Outdoor Lighting Protects Your Home

Illuminating your landscape, front yard, and porch are bound to add more life to your home and increase your curb appeal. It enables you to flaunt the beauty of your exteriors even after the sun sets. But outdoor landscape lighting also helps serve a bigger purpose, which is to keep you and your family safe inside your home.

Did you know that one burglary happens every 22.6 seconds in the United States? Home invasions are among the most common crimes in the country, leaving homeowners at risk of not only losing personal property but also putting their safety and security in harm’s way. Statistics estimate that 3 out of 4 homes in the U.S. will be broken into in the next 20 years, and this is an alarming fact that you should be doing something about. 

Invaders are much more active at night than during the day. Without proper lighting illumination of your home from the outside, your property becomes a target for thieves, vandals, and intruders. The darkness gives them the opportunity to enter your home without getting caught, which is why you need to make sure that there are no dark areas that serve as potential entry points. 

Outdoor lighting can keep your home the safe haven that it’s meant to be. Here are some benefits of installing outdoor lighting that will convince you that you need it. 

Deters Thieves, Vandals, and Invaders

If there’s one thing that thieves, vandals, and invaders are looking for when it comes to finding a target, it’s a dark home with no sign of activity. Homes with no outdoor lights become the perfect candidate for their next criminal attempt because their chances of getting caught are lower compared to a brightly illuminated home. They have more opportunities to get near the house and create a point of entry. 

If you keep your home heavily illuminated at night, trespassers will think twice about invading your property. Outdoor lights reduce the number of places they have to hide and they’ll be smart enough not to risk being seen. A properly illuminated house is a less likely target. 

Increased Visibility on Trespassers

Installing lights outside your home gives you more visibility on trespassers the moment they set foot on your property. You can easily spot them in your front yard, the sides of your house, and other potential points of entry. If you have better visibility of your house, so do your neighbors. They can spot potential trespassers and stop them or inform you at once. 

This gives you more time to take the necessary course of action to deter them from moving forward with their plan. You can either sound your security alarms, turn on more of your outdoor lights, or call the police. 

Eliminates Blind Spots and Potential Entry Points

When installing outdoor lighting, it’s important to make sure that all crucial areas are properly illuminated. This includes the pathway or driveway, your yard, the front door, the sides of your home, and even your garage area. These are the common entry points that trespassers use to enter your home. Having these areas lit up will get rid of blind spots that can be used as an entry point. 

You may also want to consider installing motion-detection lights that light up when they detect movement. This helps deter trespassers and also alerts you of any signs of invaders. 

Keep Your Home Safe

There are a lot of things you can do to keep your home safe and deter invaders, such as keeping shrubs to a minimum, installing security alarms and cameras, getting a smart lock, and most importantly, installing outdoor lighting. 

Outdoor lighting has a tremendous contribution to keeping you and your family safe. As much as possible, you want all corners of your home lit up at night so that you won’t be a prime target. Lighting makes your home look alive, and no invader wants to risk trespassing into a home where they can potentially run into trouble. 

American Landscapes can provide you with outdoor lighting solutions that will illuminate your home and keep you and your family safe from invaders. We offer many outdoor lighting solutions you can select, such as curb appeal lighting, deck and patio lighting, festive string lighting, landscaping lighting, and pathway lighting. 

Not only will our lighting solutions boost your curb appeal and increase your home’s market value, but they can also lend a hand in ensuring the safety of everyone living in it. Request a quote today