Exterior Lighting Ideas for Your House and Business

Exterior lighting can transform the entire appearance of a place, making it look more warm and welcoming, increases visibility, and catches the eye of people passing by. That’s true for all types of properties, whether residential, commercial, or infrastructure.

If you’re looking to boost the curb appeal of your home, office, or establishment, adding some lighting to your exterior can get the job done. You might not know exactly where to start, so we compiled these exterior lighting ideas you can use as inspiration! 

Install Lights from the Top of the Property

Lighting options can be installed from the top to the bottom of a house or establishment, depending on the look and feel that you want to achieve. Installing lights from the top will create a contemporary and enchanting look that showcases the depth and size of the property. They also play a part in making your exteriors easy to find and look more welcoming. 

If you want your home or business to have lights draped overhead and dangling from above, you can opt for string lights that run from end to end of the four corners of your exterior. You can also opt to customize them to produce a different effect. Other options include hanging fixtures, wall and door scones, etc. 

Install Lights from the Bottom of the Property

While lighting from the top of your exteriors is a popular option, you can set your establishment apart with lights that shine from the ground up. Bottom lights not only make your property look premium, but it also increases safety by lighting up pathways, steps, etc. 

For your house or establishment’s exterior, you can add some spotlights to illuminate and highlight your walls. For your stairs and paths, LED strips can create a unique experience while increasing safety. If your residential or commercial property also has ponds or a pool, consider installing underwater lighting to highlight these amenities and exaggerate the sparkle of the water. 

In contrast to top-level lights, ground-level ones don’t produce glare or blind your visitors and guests! Instead, they light up the walls and corners of your property, producing a more welcoming appeal. 

Bottom lights also do a great job at adding drama and setting the mood of your environment. This lighting design strategy gives you more liberty to dim and change the color temperatures of the bulbs depending on the feel that you’re aiming for. It can also be a good alternative to light a brand new landscape that has fewer and smaller trees to hang fixtures.

Add Accent Lighting All-Around

Because lighting is so versatile, you can absolutely incorporate it into any area of your house or business’s exterior! You can add some accent lighting to areas that you want to highlight, such as your shrubs, posts, or railings. Some establishments take it a step further with lanterns or globes to create a more enchanting ambiance. 

If your yard or establishment has outdoor amenities, you can incorporate task lighting elements to illuminate concentrated areas. For example, outdoor dining spaces would need task lights such as lamps or overhead lights. Outdoor lounges in your office or home would also need task lighting so that you can continue the fun long after the sun has set. 

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