All Seasons Lawn Care Guide: Easy Tips for Year-Round Perfection

All seasons lawn care05/01/2023

Finally, an all seasons lawn care guide to follow in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Maintaining a lawn for all seasons can be hard work, especially if you don’t have a seasonal lawn care guide to help you. It requires attention, patience, and time to give your greeneries fresh water every so often, mow your […]

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn? (6 Factors to Consider)

mowed lawn - how- often should you mow your lawn04/01/2023

“How often should you mow your lawn?” is perhaps the most common question we get here at American Landscapes. And in this article, we’re going to answer that question. But there’s more to it than a simple response (isn’t there always?). Don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple by describing the 6 environmental conditions that affect […]

Driveway Landscaping Tips: 4 Ways to Facelift Your Home

landscaping design cincinnati - driveway01/18/2023

Looking for unique driveway landscaping tips to facelift your home? Although driveways are mostly functional, it doesn’t have to be bland and lifeless. But deciding on different looks and landscaping materials can be tricky, considering the many options available. Not to worry. Here are 4 fantastic tips that will help you create a unique, modern […]

What is Lawn Maintenance (And What Do You Need to Know About It)?


Your lawn contributes greatly to your home’s curb appeal and can even increase the value of your property, enabling a good return on investment when it comes time to sell. This is why it’s highly recommended that homeowners begin to take good care of their lawns and be diligent enough to conduct maintenance and improvement […]

Landscaping Ideas for Office Buildings


Landscaping has a huge impact on the image of your company. Professional landscape design services can revitalize a dull and uninteresting office building, bringing it to life and transforming it into a fascinating and motivating environment. Employees in the office buildings also want to be proud of the place where they work every day. Additionally, first impressions […]

Why You Should Decorate Your Shopping Mall with Christmas Lights

christmas lights installation service - outdoor lighting cincinnati11/25/2021

Many people remember and experience the spirit of Christmas because of the dazzling lights, blinking decorations, Christmas trees, and Santa sculptures displayed everywhere. While many people enjoy giving gifts on Christmas Day, shopping for gifts at malls filled with Christmas lights and decorations can be a special experience. Here are a few reasons why installing […]