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Landscaping and Lawn Care Services

We have been doing landscaping and lawn care since 1997.

We think you shouldn’t have to worry about any aspect of your landscape. Located right here in Cincinnati, it is our job to keep things looking great so you can relax and enjoy your landscape all year round.

At the time of your consultation, one of our low-pressure sales people can quote prices on all of the applicable landscaping and lawn care services listed below, and you are free to sign up for any or all of them.

If you don’t see a service listed, just ask.

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Landscape Design and Installation

Does your landscape need a makeover? Are you putting your house up for sale and want to improve the curb appeal without spending a fortune? Are you building a new home? We work with several of the best landscape architects and designers in Cincinnati and can design and build the landscape of your dreams. We can work within most any budget to provide the most bang for your buck. Give us call or email today for your free initial consultation.

Landscape Maintenance

If you are going to spend money on a quality landscape doesn’t it make sense to keep it weed-free and looking good? Our maintenance crews will visit your landscape on a regular basis and pull/spray weeds in the flowerbeds, prune as needed, pick up sticks, and report other problem areas they notice. Our knowledgeable crew members have the expertise and equipment to do the job right!

This service is inexpensive and is one of the best investments you can make in your landscape!

Landscape Lighting

Your house is beautifully landscaped so why not show it off with accent lighting. Besides just increasing your home’s curb appear proper lighting can increase home security and safety during your nighttime activities. New advancements in LED technology allow us to create breathtaking designs never before possible. Thanks to LED we can even offer extensive warranties on lighting projects. We would love to talk lighting with you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Landscape Cleanups

Spring cleanups are typically once a year jobs that include thoroughly weeding and cleaning beds, pruning and trimming appropriate plantings, edging all bed edges, and delivering and installing mulch. This service gets your yard looking good after a long winter and prepares it for a great summer.

Estate Care

Our estate care programs insure your property is looking its best at all times. Our trained professionals will visit your property on a regular schedule to maintain all aspects of the landscape from irrigation checks, lawn mowing, pruning, snow removal and everything in between. This service is designed for homeowners who want to be able to enjoy their landscape without worrying about it or doing the work themselves.

Christmas Light Installation

We provide custom, professional, LED Christmas and Holiday light installation.  Let us professionally decorate the outside of your home this holiday season.  We custom make LED strands and cords to fit your house exactly.  With your input we will design and install a beautiful made-to-order Christmas light display at your home or business.  We use only high quality commercial LED lights.  In the rare event you have lights fail or experience a problem with the lights we will provide next business day repairs at no charge.  Once the holiday season is over we take down and store the lights until next year.   We make the whole process easy and enjoyable so you can spend more time enjoying your friends and family.  Contact us today for no obligation quote.

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Lawn Fertilization

At American Landscapes, lawn fertilizer isn’t an add on service or an afterthought – it is a big part of what we do. We take lawn care seriously and the lawns we maintain are the proof. Our programs are custom tailored to your lawn’s specific needs, delivering just what your lawn needs at just the right times.

We still offer old fashioned service with on-site, in person lawn evaluations. We will never employ telemarketers to try up-sell you on services you don’t need. We will not overpromise and under deliver. We WILL return your phone calls. We WILL keep your lawn green and weed free. Click here to learn more or request a free evaluation.


Weed Control

We provide liquid weed controls with every visit. Our applications are properly timed and effective to reduce the need for unnecessary chemicals. We include Nutsedge sprays at no additional charge for full program customers.

Insect and Disease Control

We offer safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and fairly priced options for insect and disease control.

Lawn Mowing

This is one of our most popular services. Mowers, ranging in size from 21”- 60” will be used by operators who are careful to avoid blowing grass on cars and in flowerbeds.

All of our mowers are equipped with “chute blockers” to even further reduce the amount of clippings in places they shouldn’t be.

This service also includes thoroughly trimming around all obstacles and blowing off all driveways, sidewalks, & road edges.

If we provide lawn fertilizer and weed control applications to your property we can time the applications to work most effectively with your mowing schedule.


Lawn Seeding & Sod

Bare spots or new construction? We are happy to assist with lawn installations and repair.

We can provide spot grass seeding or provide an instant new yard with sod.

Lawn Aeration

Core lawn aeration allows your turf to breath, grow, and take in water and fertilizer easier. It is especially important because of Cincinnati’s heavy clay soils and it is recommended at least once a year.

Mosquito Control

If you can’t go outside without being eaten alive by mosquitoes, we can help!  Our mosquito control applications are extremely effective.  One application every 25 days during the season does excellent job controlling these pests.  Pricing is affordable and relief is instant.  There is no reason to suffer any longer, call us today and enjoy the outdoors again.


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Lawn Irrigation Start-ups and Shut-downs

We handle the timely start up and shut down of your irrigation system. We will make sure the system is working properly and efficiently and all heads are properly adjusted for optimal performance. If we provide other services such as lawn fertilizer and/or lawn mowing we will be sure to set your system to best coordinate with these services for best results.

Lawn Irrigation System Repairs and Maintenance

We provide any repairs, maintenance, or upgrades of your lawn irrigation system. The best part is we will show up when we say we will and return your phone calls. Learn more about what we offer or request a quote.

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Commercial Snow Removal

We are ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep your parking lot and sidewalks clear, safe, and open for business. Once you are on our schedule we will automatically plow and salt your lot after a predetermined amount of snow. Don’t wait for a big storm to figure out what to do with it, call and schedule this service today!

Residential Snow Removal

Save your back and never shovel again! We offer pre-scheduled residential snow removal. If a snow event exceeds a pre-determined amount of snow, we will automatically clear your driveway and walk ways.

Residential Snow Removal is only guaranteed for customers signed up in advance of snow. Don’t wait, call and set up snow removal services today!

We go out of our way to make our customers happy so don’t hesitate to ask if you are interested in a service that isn’t listed above.


If you need it, we can do it…

Christmas Lights

The holidays are busy enough let us take away at least one headache. We offer professional LED custom made strands for your exact specifications.  Contact us today to discuss options that will make your holiday decorations the talk of the neighborhood.

Leaf Removal

Fall is a beautiful time of year! Enjoy the changing leaves and don’t worry about raking any of them up. Our leaf removal service includes blowing leaves from beds and collecting them with our mobile leaf vacuum. The lawn will be mowed and vacuumed and all debris will be removed from the property. Sticks and branches will be collected and all appropriate perennials will be cut back.

Tree Planting

Want to add a new tree to your landscape? Let us know what you are looking for and we will make suggestions and then deliver and install the perfect tree. We can plant trees of most sizes and our selection, prices, and quality is unmatched.

Tree Work

We take down dead or unwanted trees that are plaguing your yard. If a tree is bigger than we can handle we will gladly point you towards a quality tree service.

Brush Removal

Have an area overgrown? We will be happy to clear the area and/or haul off debris. Let us know how we can help!

We Love Your Yard

Let us help you enjoy a beautiful and stress-free landscape this summer!

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